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Energy Storage

Worldwide generation of electricity from renewable resources will quadruple by 2040. In the energy transition age, stationary energy storage units hold a key position amongst other options for flexible power generation: they help to offset fluctuations in energy production, thereby ensuring a constant supply of electricity.

Uwe Fuchs
Uwe Fuchs
Head of Sales Stationary Storage

Application areas for energy storage systems

Energy storage technologies of BASF New Business

Continuous and reliable power supply – with BASF and stationary sodium-sulfur batteries

Electricity plays an enormously important role in our everyday lives. Many devices in our homes only work with electricity and power is essential for trade, commerce, industry and business. A continuous and reliable power supply – preferably generated in a climate-friendly way from the sun or wind – is therefore vital.

However, these two natural energy sources in particular also have natural limits when it comes to continuous power generation: Intermittencies, such as those caused by reduced solar radiation or calm conditions, must be taken into account as early as the planning phase.

This is exactly where the NAS® batteries distributed by BASF and manufactured by our Japanese partner NGK Insulators, Ltd. come into play. These stationary long-term storage devices can store large amounts of surplus electricity generated by solar or wind farms, for example, during periods of strong sunshine or high winds. The NAS® batteries can store the electricity for several hours and then release it flexibly as needed over a period of hours. The batteries thus make a significant contribution to the integration of renewable energies into our power grids. And this brings us closer to the energy transition and the achievement of global environmental targets.

The NAS® batteries distributed by BASF also have many more applications beyond the integration of renewable energies, ranging from “peak shaving” to decentralized island grids. All this can be achieved with a stationary battery based on a proven technology with an exceptionally long lifetime and manufactured from easily available raw materials. In addition, the overall package of NAS® batteries distributed by BASF also offers competitive economic advantages in many applications.

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