BASF Renewable Energy GmbH

Our team for green energy

The BASF Renewable Energy GmbH - Team standing next to each other in the foyer of their office building

Our team combines technical knowledge with economic excellence and the will to push matters forward. As an international group of experts, we work agile and with a flat hierarchy. Always up-to-date about technical innovations we use our expertise to blend energy economics and the chemical industry.

Horatio Evers

Managing Director

To balance out his favorite topic of Renewable Energy, Horatio collects, refurbishes and drives old Italian racing bikes from the 70s and 80s and through that also optimizes his personal CO2 output.

Horatio Evers sitting on a bench and holding an old Italian racing bike

Roland Merger

Renewable Power Investments & Projects

For over 10 years now, Roland has always had good momentum in the matter of Renewable Energy – both in business and in private life, since the chemist prefers his sustainable muscle-powered vehicle.

Portrait of Roland Merger standing next to his foldable bike wearing a helmet

Stefan Käshammer

Technology & Strategy

With good foresight and advanced technique Stefan has swimmingly taken all rapids for BASF in the last three decades. That's why the tech expert can easily stay on the strategic target for Renewable Energy. 

Portrait of Stefan Käshammer with swimming goggles

Tobias Stäb

Partnering & Joint Venture Management

Tobias does not only like to travel in his private life, he is also on a journey with BASF – the transformation journey towards net zero. He handles every roadblock in a versatile and creative way.

Portrait of Tobias Stäb, holding up a globe

Stefanie Müller

Business Management

As a passionate snowboarder Stefanie is used to conditions changing unexpectedly and doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward, in the mountains and for the BASF Renewable Energy business.

Portrait of Stefanie Müller, holding her snowboard

Thomas Preiss

Risk Management, Analytics & IT

Full of inspiring impressions and experiences from his travels around the world, Thomas brings an imperturbable drive to the team and analyzes projects with endless Renewable Energy. 

Portrait of Thomas Preiss, holding up several maps

Malte Brockmann

Finance & Controlling

Thorough planning, great endurance and quick adaptability are the pillars of Ironman Malte’s success, whether it is on his racing bike or for BASF Renewable Energy GmbH.  

Portrait of Malte Brockhaus on his racing bike wearing a suit

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The BASF Renewable Energy GmbH - Team standing next to each other in the foyer of their office building

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