Innovation Food Cluster

  • Country: East Africa
  • Years: Since 2013
  • Division: Nutrition & Health

The fast-growing population in Africa has a high demand of energy, protein and nutrient rich staple foods. Productivity, nutritional quality and the prevention from food losses are the keys to meet this need.

Together with the United Nations (UN), governments and other stakeholders BASF is creating a shared value partnership to support local food producers and their infrastructure (in particular food warehouses) in the nutrition, agriculture and construction sector.

Products such as crop protection and pest control products, IR-reflecting wall paintings, flooring and insulation materials as well as technical services will be provided to support the prevention from food loss and foster the efficient production of safe food.

On-site expert advice will complement this approach to establish expert knowledge locally.


  • Supply of high quality staple food to millions of people
  • Talent development in the rural areas
  • Local employer branding (currently in start-up phase).

Sustainable Development Goals: