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Trade News  |  3 juin 2019
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CESIO 2019: BASF addresses customers’ needs with sustainable solutions and digital applications

  • BASF presents sustainable surfactant solutions for the home care and I&I industry as well as for technical applications
  • Quriosity, Rediso™ and mixed reality: BASF is using digital solutions to add value for customers
  • BASF experts provide insights into innovative solutions and the latest trends in surfactants


Munich, Germany – June 3, 2019 – At this year’s CESIO World Surfactant Congress taking place in Munich from June 3 to 5, BASF (booth 4) will be focusing on resource-friendly solutions and digital applications. “Sustainability and digitalization are key drivers for our customers and for BASF,” said Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe at BASF. “Our aim as a reliable partner is to support our customers in responding to these trends. We do that by investing in our production plants and capacities and by continuously exploring new uses for digital applications.”

Environment and skin friendly laundry products

The increasing importance of eco-friendly, needs-based solutions is reflected in BASF's broad portfolio for the home care and industrial and institutional cleaning industry. Glucopon® 650 EC, a wholly bio-based surfactant, is ideal for liquid detergents for children's and baby clothing and people with allergies. In addition to being gentle on sensitive skin and dermatologically tested, it is effective at washing temperatures of as low as 20°C. BASF also creates more transparency for its customers by helping to shape industrial standards such as the new EN 17035 standard for bio-based and biodegradable products.

Unspoiled outdoor pursuits with the right detergent solution

Whether your pleasure is mountain biking on muddy trails or playing tennis on clay, BASF solutions mean you won't have to worry about mud splashes, grass stains or red socks from tennis court dust. Sokalan® HP 96 in detergents helps remove stains while preventing dirty water from soaking back into clean fabrics during the wash cycle.

Sustainable and efficient: surfactant portfolio for industrial formulations

Customers in all sorts of industries – be it leather, paper, textiles, or coatings – are interested in solutions with the lowest possible negative ecological impact in the supply chain. They want products that are based on renewables, consume less resources or have positive toxicological and ecotoxicological properties. With its wide surfactant portfolio for technical applications, BASF is ideally placed to support customers in responding to these market trends.

A very special field for surfactants is their use as emulsifiers in polymerization processes. BASF’s Disponil® APG is an environmentally sound and health-friendly alternative to conventional surfactants. It is fully based on renewable feedstock and releases no formaldehydes when used as an emulsifier in polymerization processes. It has additional potential in agrochemical formulations as an adjuvant in suspension concentrates and micro emulsions for crop protection. With Disponil® NRG in its portfolio, BASF also meets the need for resource-efficient solutions. Due to its non-gel forming properties, the newly developed surfactant reduces the amount of energy needed to manufacture product formulations, hence lowering the consumption of resources.

As well as delivering eco-friendly solutions, BASF also meets the high demand for products with a favorable health and safety profile. Plurafac® and Dehypon® cause no eye or skin irritation due to their improved toxicological characteristics. They are ideal for use as wetting or low-foaming agents and emulsifiers in chemical formulations, for example in the coatings, leather, textile and paper industry. BASF's label-free Pluronic® PE product line is designed specifically for crop protection products. Key benefit: it is toxicologically safe and does not have to be labeled. The non-ionic surfactant is designed as a dispersant or emulsifier with an enhanced stabilizing effect in emulsions.

Digitalization adds value for customers

By utilizing digital technologies and data, BASF creates more agile research and development processes and offers customers enhanced cooperation and higher transparency for their decisions. The company's expertise along with the superior computing power of the Quriosity Supercomputer enables BASF to model formulations and explain on a molecular level how existing and new BASF products work. Based on the example Sokalan® HP 20 BASF shows at its booth how simulations help to identify correlations in formulations, drive innovative solutions and accelerate time to market.

To explore new business opportunities and stay competitive, the home care and I&I industry needs fast answers, individual solutions and access to profound knowledge. BASF will be using the congress to present the new digital assistant, RedisoTM. The platform delivers access to overarching Home Care and I&I industry themes while providing round-the-clock virtual support, answering questions and proposing solutions. BASF is offering limited free trials for trade fair visitors:

Digital applications including augmented and mixed reality are helping BASF to make maintenance and production processes more efficient. Interactive 3D projections of objects such as system parts and plant components provide location-independent access to key information, facilitating better decision-making and optimizing knowledge transfer. Demos at the BASF booth with mixed reality headsets will show how the technology is being used at BASF even now.

BASF presentations: insights into innovative solutions and the latest trends

BASF experts will be hosting a plenary session as well as several presentations with insights into the latest surfactant formulations, the role of sustainable concepts and Rediso™, the digital assistant.

Monday, June 3rd:  Plenary Session


BASF expert


2:00 pm

Thomas Greindl

Innovation and sustainability in surfactants

Tuesday, June 4th


BASF expert



9:00 –
9:30 am

Frederic Bauer

Alkylpolyglycosides - a surfactant class of high variability

Technical & Applications – Bio-based Surfactants

10:00 –10:25 am

Kerstin Kieser

Renewable based surfactants

Business & Market Trends

12:00 –12:25 pm

Juergen Tropsch

The journey to a standard for bio-based surfactants in Europe

Safety & Regulatory Affairs

12:30 –
12:55 pm

Heike Weber

Excellent automatic dishwash results – combinations of strong chelating agents and carry over surfactants

Technical & Applications – Detergency & Cleaning

2:30 –
2:55 pm

Claudia Brunn

Fatty acid sulfonate – redesigning a surfactant for the future

Technical & Applications – Innovations for Personal Care

3:30 –
4:00 pm

Andreas Willing

CESIO’s recommendation of C&L surfactants

Safety & Regulatory Affairs





Wednesday, June 5th


BASF expert



9:30 –
9:55 am

Sven Biermann

Presenting a virtual industry assistant for the home care and I&I industry

Business & Market Trends

10:00 – 10:25 am

Sonja Fischer

Laundry loves perfect whiteness! Discover our new solutions!

Business & Market Trends

10:00 – 10:25 am

Christian H. Weidl

New generation of nonionic non-gelling Surfactants

Technical & Applications – Surfactants Applications

10:30 – 10:55 am

Christian Bittner

Surfactant parameter of alkyl ether sulfates for prediction of microemulsions

Technical & Applications – Science & Surfactants


More information on BASF’s CESIO webpage.

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