you@BASF: Christian & Kristin from Europe


BASF has a unique combination of deep expertise ranging from research & engineering to production, marketing and sales – our success lies in connecting people! It is a truly international company with production sites and offices around the globe. It has excellent employees and excellent assets. I believe in BASF as the chemical industry leader that has the ability to innovate and make a difference.

Be ambitious and self-confident. Find out for yourself whether you really fit with the company - you can get more information on the website, from employees or even through asking a lot of questions during your interview. And always be yourself!

I’m very proud when a mission is successfully completed. For example, the production of a new product or the introduction of a software to help a plant making better decisions. But I’m also proud every day when we push our projects further step by step and come closer to the goal. In the future, I want to bring a really big project to success.