NAS® Batteries for powering your sustainable mining operation

Buried beneath the earth’s surface is a wealth of valuable and extractable natural resources. Africa alone is home to many of the world’s mineral reserves and is therefore a major producer of many key minerals and metals. This is why, the mining sector plays a crucial role, both on a global scale and, in particular, locally for the people and countries involved.


One of key challenges for many mining regions is the geographical location; accordingly, a sufficient, reliable, but at the same time cost-efficient power supply is a vital factor in each operation. To avoid having to build appropriate power transmission facilities across difficult terrain, the most feasible solution is often to generate power at or near your site. In most cases, diesel generators are currently used for this purpose.


In its efforts to increase sustainability and achieve decarbonization goals, the mining industry is more and more turning to renewable power sources. However, more environmentally friendly, renewable resources have an additional issue to be solved: intermittency.


NAS® Batteries, distributed by BASF, are one of the most suitable and cost-competitive solutions for addressing the intermittent nature of renewables. These high-energy, long-duration stationary energy storage devices enable a decentralized and reliable power supply at all times – with power generated by renewable sources such as solar and/or wind energy.


With our NAS® Battery, we tailor an energy storage solution to your individual project requirements. Working together with you from an early stage of your project, we estimate your energy storage needs, conduct an initial cost-benefit analysis to determine the ideal number of batteries and deliver the technical layout and system configuration of the NAS® Batteries. Thanks to our global network, we can put you in touch with other relevant partners – from investors to EPC services.


With our scalable energy storage solution, we equip your energy system with a proven, cost-efficient and sustainable battery technology that allows a smooth and efficient operation.


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