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Pushing back the boundaries of plastics

Whichever way the plastic processing industry will develop in the coming years, you can rely on BASF to deliver the plastic additive and coloration solutions you need. Our long experience in stabilization, coloration and protection, comprehensive technical support and innovation power help plastics producers to come up with the right solutions for their customers.

Success in plastics depends not at least on having the right plastic additives. That is why it’s important to choose a partner who not only has all the products you need, but can work with you to develop innovative new solutions: BASF.


BASF enables you to create entirely new additives applications. A partner you can rely on to work with you, far into the future. We pioneered the plastics industry in its earliest days and are dedicated to help our customers achieving sustainable worldwide success in the future, creating better products and pioneering new possibilities.  

Versatile Application Range

The applications are as manifold as the properties of our products: Explore the various application possibilities!

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We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions.


The following methods can be used for the processing of plastic additives and colorants.