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    Urban Living

    The future is not what you dream, but what you make.

    We are helping solve today’s biggest challenges. See why we can all be optimistic about the future.

    Time to change direction

    Mobility in the 21st century requires innovation. Discover cities and technologies that demonstrate how to take on one of challenges of the century.

    The importance of cleaner air

    The air we breathe affects each one of us. How do we improve it?
    of the world’s population lives in places where air pollution exceeds WHO guideline limits.

    Urban Living

    Smart Energy

    Two e-cars –
    one global message.

    Our vision for e-mobility
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    Electricity uninterrupted by the elements

    We can’t avert natural disasters, but we can minimize their effects.
    The time period in which the sun radiates as much energy to the Earth as we use worldwide in one year.

    Storing sunshine

    How one of the world’s greatest solar farms produces energy even when the sun doesn’t shine.

    Smart Energy


    Combatting hunger with innovation

    How the smartphone may shape the future of agriculture.
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    The palm oil challenge

    Demand for palm oil has grown fast – but the cost for rain forests, animals and local people are high. As the industry works to improve sustainability, we asked what progress has been made.

    Maximizing the water supply

    Two thirds of our planet are covered by water, yet many people still suffer thirst. How can we tap into this vast resource and turn sea- into drinking water?
    The amount of edible food per person that is lost or wasted each year in industrialized countries.