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    Collaborations with academia Joint Research Network on Advanced Materials and Systems

    Joint Research Network on Advanced Materials and Systems (JONAS)

    The JONAS Research Network (Joint Research Network on Advanced Materials and Systems) consists of four European partners: I.S.I.S. Institute at Strasbourg University, Freiburg University, and ETH Zurich as academic partners, and BASF SE as industrial partner.

    The close collaboration of three leading European universities with BASF as industrial partner enables the JONAS network to extend the scientific basis and their understanding of future materials and systems.

    Interested scientists thus have the opportunity to conduct research into highly relevant areas, working in research teams from top universities, and at the same time participate in industry-relevant research together with BASF.

    Structure and Organization

    • The JONAS network has a capacity of about 25 postdocs per year. Depending on the research topic they are working in the university facilities in France, Germany, or Switzerland. Universities provide an ideal innovation environment with their academic know-how, great flexibility, and their freedom of research. The goal is to enhance our understanding of modern materials and to extend the international research network.

      History shows that this concept is successful: The I.S.I.S. Institute at the University of Strasbourg has successfully collaborated with BASF's polymer research since 2003. More than 40 post-doctoral scientists have used the opportunity to work on recent research topics. About half of them subsequently began their careers working for BASF.

      Academic Partners

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    Personal Contact

    Dr. Bernd Bruchmann
    Head of JONAS
    +49 621 60 79211
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    JONAS Family Days 2017

    Scientific Advisory Board

    • Jean-Marie Lehn, I.S.I.S Strasbourg
      Paolo Samori, I.S.I.S Strasbourg
      Rolf Mülhaupt, University Freiburg
      Jürgen Rühe, University Freiburg
      Massimo Morbidelli, ETH
      Ludwig Gauckler, ETH (emeritus)
      Xenia Beyrich-Graf, BASF
      Jens Rieger, BASF
      Josef Wünsch, BASF