Packten tatkräftig mit an: Mitarbeitende der BASF bauten beim Anpack-Tag in Ludwigshafen Mundenheim unter anderem ein Schaukelgerüst. (Bild: BASF)

"Anpack-Tag" - Ludwigshafen, Germany (2023)

Renovating and building play equipment, sanding down, and painting a wooden hut, building raised beds and much more: Once again this year, around 100 BASF and city employees got down to work. Rolling up their sleeves together to create space for encounters, play and discovery and to strengthen social interaction. The volunteers in Ludwigshafen-Mundenheim took part in this year's "Anpack-Tag", BASF's volunteering day.

Additionally, employees had the opportunity to engage in other social volunteering projects as well as mentoring programs.