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See how BASF's innovations in battery materials inspired a global film competition
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Battery materials

Whilst electric cars have been painted as part of the solution to reduce emissions globally, many people remain wary about their practicality, e.g. the range limitations and the battery charging time. Our innovations in electric car battery materials aim to double the driving range on a single charge, halve the size of the battery, extend their lifespans and best of all, we aim to drastically reduce the charging time to 15 minutes by 2025 – no longer than it takes to enjoy a quick cup of coffee. 

Ozum Bobaroglu Domianus - 
Unplug your Mind

Troy Brown - The Meaning of Life

Antoinette Westcott & Jonathan Fishman - A Family Affair

Our innovation teams have partnered with Filmaka, a global creative platform for aspiring filmmakers to show us how people around the world might recharge themselves, when electric cars take just 15 minutes to recharge in 2025.

Called ‘15 Minute Pit Stops’, entrants were asked to pitch an original short film idea that answers this brief and three lucky winners received funding to bring their films to life.

We’d like to know how you would recharge in 15 minutes?

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We're shaping the future of e-mobility

Cathode active materials are the key to help us achieve the innovation goals to make electric cars a reality for everyone. Our researchers use a comprehensive "toolbox" of different methods: from the composition of the metals, different particle sizes and distributions, to the adjustment of porosity and surface properties. All this has a decisive influence on the properties of the materials.

Digitization accelerates research

We generate more than 70 million data points every day when we test our material in small test batteries. Machine learning and our supercomputer Quriosity help predict and analyze material properties, accelerating our research.

Where will our battery materials take you?

We are constantly developing and introducing sustainable solutions that address some of the planet’s biggest problems through chemistry. We believe the continuous development of advanced emission control technologies and the increasing demand for electric powered cars will help reduce emissions and increase air quality on a global scale.

Fewer emissions will make our world a better place to live by reducing the impact of air pollution in inner cities and creating a positive effect on the health of the population.

Two e-cars, one global message: A family on two continents,
brought together in a 600 km journey

By 2025, our innovations in electric car battery materials aim to double the driving range of midsize cars from 300 to 600 km on a single charge. To demonstrate how our innovation enriches lives, we helped a family write a surprise message of optimism that was 600 km long and “written” across two cities – LA and Shanghai by electric cars. Watch the full film below. 

Optimism in Motion

Making of: a family on two continents

Our reportage features a real Chinese-American family. Grandfather Ker is a retired engineer and lives in Shanghai. His son Richard and granddaughter Torrey live in the US and will soon move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Therefore, father Richard and grandfather Ker want to give a gift of optimism to concerned little Torrey. They decide to write an encouraging message across the cityscapes of LA and Shanghai, using nothing but their electric vehicles and GPS tracking technology.

The film follows both Richard’s and Ker’s car journeys as they travel across their respective cities. The combined distance of these two journeys is 600 km, which is the distance that a mid-sized e-car will be able to make on a single charge by 2025. Using GPS technology, we map the cars’ journeys ‘writing’ an optimistic message to Torrey: “Keep being optimistic”.

Deep dive into battery materials research

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