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About the system

The Skynative™ system solution is based on the principle of light guidance and comprises three components: a foil/facade element, a light tunnel and ceiling luminaires. The system can be seamlessly integrated into existing facades and new facade concepts without limiting design options. BASF is currently testing a hybrid system that combines daylight with advanced LED lighting. The hybrid luminaire is steered by a sensor system so that the LED lighting fades in and out as needed and according to user preferences.

Foil / façade element

A façade element made with a special foil is used to capture and transmit sunlight. This façade element can be integrated invisibly into the façade, giving the architect complete creative freedom of design.

Light Tubes

As soon as the sunlight has been captured and concentrated, it is transported through the light tunnels to the interior of the building. The range depends on the height of the tunnels installed.

Lighting luminaires

Inside the building, the lighting luminaires distribute the light in the rooms. The lighting fixtures are combined with LED components to intelligently modulate the light.

The benefits of natural light

Natural light enhances well-being and the ability to concentrate. The associated productivity increase for employees with direct daylight access can be estimated at 15%. What is more, an intelligent daylight system increases the value of the building.
The Skynative™ system makes it possible to experience the natural course and rhythm of daylight inside the building as well. This allows colours, shapes and materials to be experienced as they naturally appear.

Creative freedom

The façade element can be integrated invisibly into the building façade. The architect thus has complete freedom to design the façade.

Skynative™ – Smart Daylight Management in Buildings

Daylight improves performance, promotes well-being and boosts physical and mental health.


Areas of application

The benefits of natural light are diverse. Depending on the type of building use, these advantages can be used to achieve different effects.


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