About us

Stammwerk der BASF Gruppe – Ludwigshafen / Headquarters of the BASF Group – Ludwigshafen

According to our company guidelines, we are committed towards people and the environment. At BASF, economic considerations do not take priority over safety and health issues and environmental protection.

Our goal is to assure that the production and use of BASF products are safe and do not pose health risks to employees, neighbors, customers, and consumers worldwide.

The Corporate Health Management Department is responsible for the management of occupational health and emergency care of BASF employees at the Ludwigshafen site, and for the coordination and auditing of occupational medicine in the BASF group companies worldwide.

An overview of the range of services available at the Corporate Health Management Department is provided on the following web pages.

In a highly specialized and technically advanced company like BASF, not everybody is expected to know everything.

Our expertise should be available to all those interested within the BASF group companies. For this reason, we have established Expert Groups as part of our "BASF Group Directive Occupational Medicine & Health Protection".

The knowledge is transferred to all inquiring BASF employees usually via telephone or in written form. Additional consultation can take place in Ludwigshafen, and in special cases, at BASF locations outside of Ludwigshafen as well. Such consultations can also take place during occupational medical audits at BASF group companies. The audits are performed by experienced physicians of the Corporate Health Management Department or by regional physicians specialized in occupational medicine. Such audits support management as well as the more than 200 physicians in the various BASF group companies to maintain our standards.

  • General Aspects of Occupational Health Management
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Documentation and Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Emergency Medicine and Disaster Preparedness
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Ergonomics and Rehabilitation
  • Health Promotion
  • Human Toxicology and Product Stewardship
  • Occupational Dermatology
  • Occupational Pulmonary Diseases
  • Reproductive Health
  • Addiction Counselling, General Psychiatry & Psychology
  • Health Management for Business Travelers and Transferees
  • Occupational Diseases