Science Around Us


Mobile air conditioner to wear

Functional cooling textiles of core sports and occupational safety
brands use a special superabsorber fleece from BASF


Tiny worms slay slugs and snails

Biological crop protection complements chemical methods

Press Photo

Resilient Riding Fun for Cool Cruisers

Longboard wheels of polyurethane for stable running with high quality components from BASF


Flat Screens Show Their True Colors

Innovative pigments from BASF improve television image quality

Photo: Four way catalyst

Four Ways to a Clean Gasoline Engine

Compact catalytic converter system from BASF removes gaseous pollutants as well as particulates

Photo: Ocean

Ultrafiltration Creates Clear Conditions

Multibore® membranes from the BASF subsidiary inge® improve water treatment

Photo: food packaging

Protective Layers for Noodles, Muesli & Co

Innovative BASF materials provide safe barriers against mineral oil residues in food packaging


No more Tea Stains and Chalky Deposits

Eco-friendly BASF components for dishwashing agents keep dishes and glassware sparkling

Photo: Shoe with Infinergy

Small Beads for Long Distances

New BASF foam Infinergy™ revolutionizes adidas running shoe

Photo: ammonia reactor

Fertilizer out of Thin Air

In September 1913, the first industrial-scale ammonia production plant came on stream at BASF in Ludwigshafen

Photo: Sprayer

Ice-free Through the Winter

Formic acid enables environmentally friendly deicing of runways and roads – and is successful in many other applications

mint and chewing gum

The Cool Freshness of Menthol

BASF’s innovative process for resource-efficient production of the world’s most popular flavor


Car Finish: Higher Gloss and Fewer Scratches

BASF’s iGloss® clearcoat provides long-lasting protection from microscratches


Steady Voltage For Processors

Carbonyl iron powder from BASF improves electrical components for smartphones and tablet PCs.