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Defined Benefit (DB) Members

There are no longer any active members in the Group DB Section or the BPP Hybrid Section, so all benefits earned by members will be held in the Scheme as 'deferred benefits' until retirement.  This includes benefits for members who no longer work for BASF.

Members receiving a pension can also find information here.

Your New Pension Portal

The Pension Portal gives you access to information about your Scheme pension anytime.  It includes the following new features for members with deferred benefits in the Scheme (i.e. those not yet receiving their pension).

  • Get estimated retirement benefit figures
    You can generate your personal illustrative retirement benefit figures using a date of retirement of your choice.  Do this as many times as you want and see the impact of retiring early, late or at your normal retirement date.
  • Get an indicative transfer value figure
    If you want an idea of the cash equivalent transfer value of your DB pension, you can now generate an estimated value from the Portal.

We hope you enjoy using the Portal!

Pension Portal link.

Buck (Scheme Administrators)
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