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Sustainability News 2017


BASF Farm Network in Italy is growing

The “Tenuta Darola” rice farm in Northern Italy is the latest member of the BASF Farm Network, a partnership that promotes tangible sustainable agriculture by linking key players in the agricultural industry. Further member farms are located in France, Germany, Poland, Greece, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.


A Starting Ventures project in Peru

The project “Allin Kawsay” has been designed by BASF to help potato farmers in the Peruvian Andes increase their harvest so that they can build a better life for themselves and their families. “Allin Kawsay” has been in preparation since 2015 and is part of “BASF Starting Ventures” – a program consisting of various projects to empower people all over the world to improve the quality of their lives.


BASF wins Integrated Report of the Year Award

BASF has won the “Integrated Report of the Year Award” issued by the Ethical Corporation. According to the jury, BASF’s 2016 corporate report is “a truly integrated report with an impressive set of measures and presented in an accessible manner.”


BASF at Sustainable Brands

How can we assess the contribution of businesses to society? BASF as well as other companies and leading experts in the field of sustainability joined this year’s Sustainable Brands New Metrics in Philadelphia to discuss new methods in the field of measuring sustainability.


BASF celebrates its 25th anniversary in Poland

In September, BASF celebrated its 25th anniversary in Poland. BASF Polska plays an active role in promoting innovative and sustainable solutions on the Polish market. Highlights of the festivities included an exhibition on sustainable cities as well as BASF’s membership of the Minimum Standard of the Ethical Program established by the United Nations Global Compact Poland.


Sustainable optimization of concrete during tunnel construction in Geneva thanks to MasterEase

During the construction of the “Tunnel de Champel” in Geneva, MasterEase from Master Builders Solutions® proved to be the perfect superplasticizer for sprayed concrete. The success story is part of the “Quantified Sustainable Benefits – Reduce Your Footprint and Boost Your Bottom Line” sustainability campaign from Master Builders Solutions. This campaign was rolled out across Europe in 2017.


BASF recognized as global leader in sustainable water management

Water is of fundamental importance in chemical production, yet it is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. Ensuring “access to water and sanitation for all” is therefore not only one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but also an important BASF focus topic. In recognition of its actions to manage water more sustainably, CDP has awarded BASF once more with a top position on its Water A List.

v.l.n.r.: Jonas Heinze (Bronze für Team Deutschland), Daryl Hea

BASF supports sustainable success of young spray painters

At the 44th edition of WorldSkills, the world championship of apprenticeships, 26 spray painters proved that a sustainable way of working is crucial for success in the automotive refinish industry. The spray painters had been trained on the proper use of Glasurit, BASF’s premium automotive refinish brand, and their approach was based on applying a sustainable, waterborne technology.


BASF joins Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil

As one of the leading producers of oleochemicals, BASF has joined the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) in the category “Supporter”. BASF is thereby expanding its engagement for sustainable oil palm products in German, Austrian and Swiss markets. 


Handwashing - An Approach for Disease Control

BASF is supporting an innovative program to enhance hand washing hygiene among Bangladesh’s ready-made garment workers. The project, now being implemented by "Voluntary Organization for Social Development", will explore existing health behavior among the ready-made garment workers with a view to improving hygiene and reducing associated diseases.

Sustainable construction in the desert – Burj Kalifai / Nachhalt

“We can only achieve the SDGs if we work together”

Two years ago, the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Since then BASF has been actively supporting the United Nations with the implementation of the SDGs. They form the framework for sustainable management at an economic, environmental and social level. Thorsten Pinkepank, Director Sustainability Relations at BASF SE, provided insights about what has happened in the last two years since the implementation of the SDGs has started.


Revised SEEBALANCE® Methodology allows for improved assessment of social aspects

With SEEBALANCE® being introduced in 2005, BASF for the first time presented a methodology designed to measure all the three pillars of sustainability – environment, society and economy. This methodology has now been fundamentally revised in terms of assessing social aspects: the focus now lies on a more qualitative assessment of social factors such as education, health and working conditions.


Creator Space Project in Brazil is still going strong

Developed in 2015 as part of the BASF Creator Space program for collaborative innovation, the Brazilian program “Origem” aims to promote sustainable farming by optimizing the usage of resources and, at the same time, delivering higher marketable quality and yield of potatoes.


Espacio Inclusivo – a Starting Ventures project

The BASF program Starting Ventures focuses on entrepreneurial solutions. It supports projects that give people with no or low income the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives themselves. At the same time, it is intended to open up new markets and partnerships in the medium to long-term future. One example how this works is the automotive industry project “Espacio Inclusivo” in South America.

BASF präsentiert innovative Lösungen für die Automobilindustrie auf der IAA 2017 / BASF presents innovative solutions for the automotive industry at IAA 2017

BASF presents innovative solutions for the automotive industry

At this year’s Internationale Automobil Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt BASF presents innovative catalysts, battery materials and plastics to show how automotive manufacturers can reduce emissions, save weight and improve safety, comfort and design of their vehicles.

Verbundstandort Ludwigshafen / Verbund site Ludwigshafen

BASF listed in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

BASF has again been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). This year, the chemicals group has been especially recognized for its comprehensive innovation management, environmental and social reporting as well as its focused materiality assessment.


Partnering of BASF and bse Engineering for a new chemical energy storage process

BASF and bse Engineering signed an exclusive joint development agreement for BASF to provide custom made catalysts for a new chemical energy storage process. This process will enable economically viable transformation of excess current and off-gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the chemical energy storage methanol in small-scale, delocalized production units.


BASF is listed in FTSE4Good Index Series for over 15 years

BASF remains a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index for 2017 BASF has been listed in the index since its launch in 2001. The index lists only companies meeting stringent criteria in the area of social, environmental and corporate governance and who manage to continuously confirm or develop these in regularly conducted assessments.


How companies contribute to the SDGs

As part of the annual High Level Political Forum in New York, Thorsten Pinkepank, Director Sustainability Relations at BASF, shared his view on the importance of private sector initiatives in promoting the UN SDGs.


Interceptor® G2 – breakthrough to beat insecticide resistance

BASF has received an interim recommendation from the World Health Organization for Interceptor® G2, a long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net to combat insecticide resistance. This is the first WHO recommendation for a product based on a new insecticide class in more than 30 years.


In dialogue with Nobel laureates

The 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was dedicated to chemistry. About 30 Nobel Laureates met hundreds of selected scientific talents from all over the world. BASF invited to a Dialogue focusing on the topic Circular Economy.


Using renewable raw materials in the Verbund

Waste can do more. When used properly, it can insulate houses, let walls shine white and keep babies dry. This is made possible by BASF’s innovative biomass balance approach. We explain how this works and provide some product examples.


“Every single investment has an impact”

The series of events “Talk Sustainability – Nachhaltigkeit im Dialog” gives BASF employees the opportunity to discuss current sustainability topics with external guest speakers on a regular basis. In May Erika Karp, a renowned expert on socially responsible investments (SRI) came to Ludwigshafen, sharing insights about the language of finance and shifting focus of the capital markets.


BASF is part of the WBCSD CEO Guide to the Circular Economy

BASF among 13 others companies signed the WBCSD CEO Guide to the Circular Economy, which was presented at the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki in June.


SMART: for a sustainable future

Product portfolio steering based on product sustainability performance is an important leverage point for BASF. Therefore, the company uses sustainability criteria to rate the applications of all products. IT helps: a solution called  “SMART” makes analyzing sustainability reports and risk evaluations faster and easier.


Water-based inks and adhesives as a valuable contribution to sustainability

Water-based resins for inks and water-based adhesives in flexible packaging are an economically compatible and environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based technologies, according to a recently completed Eco-Efficiency Analysis conducted by BASF. A shift from solvent-based inks and adhesives to water-based technologies will allow a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 15% and lower investment and maintenance costs.


Sustainable practice examples from BASF Poland

BASF Poland is presented with 16 best practice initiatives in the current edition of Poland’s largest review of socially-responsible business activities. Among other projects, they support a project which is providing disabled children with the opportunity to use professional physiotherapy services as well as initiatives of the BASF Poland’s Crop Protection division focusing on biodiversity and water protection in agriculture.

Das Noor Solarkraftwerk in Marokko soll im Endausbau eine installierte Leistung von 580 Megawatt aus vier Kraftwerksblöcken haben. Die Bauchemiesparte der BASF unterstützt die Installation des Komplexes mit Spezialverankerungsmörteln und Versiegelungen. / The Noor Solar Power plant in Morocco is planned to deliver from four generating units an installed power of 580 Megawatt at its final stage. BASF’s Construction Chemicals division supports the installation with special grouts and sealants.

BASF products support the construction of the world’s largest solar plant

BASF offers unique solutions for the construction of the largest concentrated solar complex in the world in the Moroccan desert and proactively participates in producing enough energy to power over one million homes by 2018 whilst at the same time lowering carbon emissions. Innovative solutions from the BASF Construction Chemicals division are specially designed for the toughest exposures in the desert.


Vitamins and education – a Connected to Care project in Egypt

Keeping future mothers healthy and giving babies the best possible start were some of the main goals of one of the 150 projects that were selected for funding as part of BASF’s Connected to Care contest in 2015. The project is now running in Alexandria as a joint initiative of the Rotarian Action Group for Population (RFPD) and BASF Egypt.

Steamcracker im BASF-Werk Ludwigshafen / Steam cracker at BASF's

BASF expands its existing circular economy solutions

BASF will further advance its existing circular economy solutions across its value chain and within its products and is thus joining Ellen MacArthur Foundation initiatives for circular economy.

Nematoden as a biological pest control

Natural Helpers for pest control

Biological crop protection effectively complements the use of chemical products. Farmers use natural organisms to protect their crops from pests. BASF uses a variety of living organisms for targeted pest control, for example tiny worms, called Nematodes.


BASF is making good progress on its palm commitment

BASF has launched its first Palm Progress Report. The report documents the company’s roadmap for sustainable palm, its collaboration along the value chain and the progress it is making in driving physical transformation in oleoderivatives.

Collaboration between Audi, BASF and Covestro / Kooperation von Audi, BASF und Covestro
Products and innovations

New clearcoat with biobased hardener for automotive manufacturing

In the automotive industry, manufacturers and suppliers are working constantly to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in production. A project team consisting of employees of the car maker Audi, BASF’s Coatings division and materials company Covestro has now passed a new milestone: for the first time, a clearcoat containing a biobased hardener was applied to test bodies of the Audi Q2.


“We measure our contribution to a sustainable future”

For the first time, BASF has released the results of its ‘Value-to-Society’ assessment which reflects BASF’s financial and non-financial impacts on society in monetary terms. In an interview, Dr. Dirk Voeste, Vice President Sustainability Strategy at BASF, explains this new approach and how its results can support BASF in living up to its corporate purpose.


Space Farming

The first school experiment to test if plant cuttings build roots in zero gravity has been sent to the International Space Station (ISS). BASF’s crop protection experts have supported the young scientists with research know-how, scientific consultancy, materials and equipment.

BASF focuses on “Water Education” amongst student community in India / BASF richtet Augenmerk auf “Wasser-Erziehung” in Schülergemeinschaft in Indien

BASF recognized as world leader for corporate action on water security

BASF has been identified as a global leader for its actions and strategies to manage water more sustainably and has earned a position on the Supplier Water A List by CDP, an international not-for-profit that drives sustainable economies.

New campaign on energy-efficient and sustainable construction is now online / Neue Kampagne zu energieeffizientem und nachhaltigem Bauen online
Products and innovations

Energy-efficient and sustainable construction

Increasing economic benefits while at the same time reducing global warming potential: BASF’s experts together with European customers present selected cases, that demonstrate a more efficient use of resources, an improved life cycle assessment, and significant cost reductions thanks to BASF’s Master Builders Solutions® products for the construction industry.


“Stick wholeheartedly to your path”

International Women’s Day on March 8 is a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. Margret Suckale, Member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, talks in an interview about her views on the subject.


BASF Report 2016 published

Containing all key figures for the 2016 business year, BASF’s corporate report was released end of February. As an integrated report, the publication documents the company’s economic, environmental and social performance. This year’s introductory section shows how BASF’s innovations contribute to a sustainable future and the UN SDGs.


New issue of BASF Creating Chemistry magazine

With a growing global population comes increasing demand for the products we use every day. The sixth issue of the BASF’s magazine Creating Chemistry explores the question of how we can sustainably meet this global demand, given the Earth’s limited resources.