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Are you interested in finding out which apprenticeships BASF can offer you right on your doorstep? Or on the contrary - very far away? Maybe you want to choose the best one from different professions. Or would you like to know which training options you have with us? Three possibilities. Three ways.

But maybe you just want to inform about BASF as an instructor, the many different group companies, about the occupations, application process, news / dates and events? A lot of interesting information.

After my studies & PhD in business administration, I joined BASF in the TOP START program to get in touch with a variety of different placements in a short period of time. Ever since, I enjoy every day working with colleagues across the world to create value for business units and the company as a whole.

Keke Hiller
Head of Product Management and Marketing, G-ENA/AM, Aroma Ingredients

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