Management Consulting
Management Consulting

Why BASF Management Consulting?

In the year 2050, there will be ten billion people living on Earth. Chemistry is at the forefront when it comes to finding answers to the challenges this will bring. And BASF, in its role as a leading chemical company worldwide, makes an important contribution to responding to global megatrends.

Working for BASF Management Consulting is as multifaceted as the requirements that apply to our divisions. We offer you the opportunity to work in different industries and further develop your skills and competencies as part of our project teams. We believe it is important for you to be involved in various projects to gain extensive insight into BASF.


When you join us, you will...

... work with BASF’s top management

... take on strategic projects

... see the impact of your work directly

... work in small teams with flat hierarchies

... be a part of a dynamic and international team with strong team spirit

... grow into attractive positions within the global BASF Group, including leadership responsibilities if your qualifications make you a good fit for this                                                  


What our former consultants especially valued about their work

Who we’re looking for

BASF Management Consulting hires both experienced management consultants and highly qualified entry-level candidates. In addition to having professional skills and qualifications, we expect our applicants to:

  • be communicative and open to new things
  • approach existing routines critically and develop creative ideas for solutions to identified challenges
  • demonstrate a high level of personal initiative
  • think analytically and strategically
  • have a highly developed entrepreneurial mindset
  • display excellent communication and presentation skills
  • be team players
  • have international experience and intercultural skills
  • have an outstanding command of English; good command of German desired in addition

All other requirements depend on the level at which you wish to join us.


Experienced professionals

  • Master’s degree with outstanding grades
  • Additional qualifications such as an MBA or PhD are a plus
  • Several years of professional experience, preferably in the areas of marketing & sales, post-merger integration & carve-out, organizational development and change at a leading management consulting firm
  • Several years of experience in project management
  • Proficient at working with top management
  • Experience in the chemical industry desired, but not required

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