BASF in Germany

Styrolanlage Standort Ludwigshafen / Styrene Plant Ludwigshafen

We form the best team by attracting talented individuals, retaining them, and helping them to develop further. With this aim in mind, we create a work environment which inspires and where everyone interconnects. We promote a wide range of personal skills and technical expertise and encourage our employees to contribute their creativity and potential. This approach is based on an open management culture which is founded on mutual trust, respect, and motivation.

Over 52,000 employees form our team in Germany, where an extensive range of entry level and career opportunities await your discovery. Our main site in Ludwigshafen primarily focuses on research and development. There are other BASF research locations in Lemförde, Münster und Trostberg. Plant biotechnology research is based in Berlin and Gatersleben, catalytic converters in Nienburg and Hanover while the agricultural center is situated in Limburgerhof, near Ludwigshafen.

BASF Headquarters

The heart of BASF in Ludwigshafen

Our Group Companies in Germany