BASF Lampertheim GmbH

Additives and special chemicals

BASF Lampertheim GmbH is located at the center of the Rhine-Neckar triangle. The site produces and distributes additives which provide improved characteristics for plastics, coatings, and sunscreen cosmetics, for example.

Up to 40,000 tons of special chemicals are produced at the site, including other light-stability agents, which prevent plastics and coating from aging prematurely. There are also halogen-free flame retardants and processing stabilizers for plastics, which delay burning and protect cables, safety systems, and computer cases or ensure that plastics emerge undamaged from production processes. Inorganic luminous pigments are also produced with the fluorescent coloring used in security applications, such as security documents, trademark protection, and automated systems. Our clients are other chemical companies, including the parent company BASF, automotive suppliers and plastics processors.

Sales units for plastic additives, coatings, water solutions and paper are also found at the Lampertheim site.

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BASF Lampertheim GmbH