BASF New Business GmbH

BASF New Business GmbH identifies and develops future business areas.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, it is BASF New Business GmbH's mission to develop new business fields outside BASF Group's existing portfolio. It follows long-term trends and innovative topics in industry and society as well as new future markets, analyses their growth potential, and examines whether possible new business fields are suited to BASF operations. The subsidiary then transforms suitable topic areas into a new business field for BASF.

In doing so, BASF New Business GmbH focuses on new chemistry-based materials, technologies and system solutions, thus driving technological progress by developing new products on an enduring basis.

BASF New Business works in close collaboration with BASF's global research programs and corporate divisions to evaluate technology and markets. It also cooperates with research institutions, universities, start-up enterprises, and industrial partners.

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BASF New Business GmbH