hte GmbH

the high throughput experimentation company

We accelerate research and development in catalysis.

Außenansicht hte GmbH - the high throughput experimentation company

hte stands for "high throughput experimentation". The basic principle of high throughput research is parallelization. This means that experiments are conducted at the same time and not one after the other, as is usually the case. This makes research and development faster and more cost-effective.

Our technology and services comprise:

  • R&D Solutions: Research cooperations in our modern laboratories in Heidelberg and
  • Technology Solutions: Integrated hardware and software solutions, enabling our customers to establish high throughput workflows in their own laboratories.

Digitalization plays an important role here and poses new challenges to chemical catalysis and process research. Our software products solve these challenges and support researchers in structuring, analyzing, and visualizing the large quantities of data that are generated in high throughput experiments in a simple and integrated way.

As the market leader in high throughput research, we work on socially significant issues such as protection of the environment and climate, energy efficiency, and mobility. 

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