Excellence Program

Excellence program successfully completed: €2.1 billion annual EBITDA contribution achieved by the end of 2021

Our Excellence Program aimed to contribute €2 billion to EBITDA annually until the end of 2021 onward compared with baseline 2018. We met this target in 2021. As planned, this was partly due to the reduction of more than 6,000 positions worldwide until the end of 2021. This decrease resulted from the organizational simplification and from efficiency gains in administration, the service units and the operating divisions.

Key measures:

  • Program completed within budget and on time; EBITDA contribution above targeted €2.0 billion
  • Focus on operational excellence, e.g., in production and logistics
  • Organizational changes led to leaner structures, for example, in the areas of services and headquarters
    • Personnel cost savings: reduction of more than 6,000 positions globally by the end of 2021
    • Increased process efficiency, e.g., in procurement

1 Run rate; 2 One-time costs in the respective year

Last Update February 25, 2022