Below you find all shareholder proposals (countermotions and electoral proposals by shareholders within the meaning of § 126 and § 127 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)) concerning items on the Agenda of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2015 which are required to be disclosed. In each case, the shareholder proposals and their supporting statements represent the views of the shareholders submitting them. Proposals including statements of facts have also been posted on the Internet unchanged and unchecked by us to the extent that they are required to be disclosed.

At the Annual Shareholders' Meeting you may assent to these shareholder proposals by voting "no" to the relevant item of the Agenda, i.e. against the management's proposal. Shareholder proposals that aim not only to reject a proposal put forward by the management but also to bring about an alternative resolution have been marked with a capital letter. Insofar as a separate vote takes place in respect of such shareholder proposals, you can support or object to them by casting your vote for or against the proposal, or you can abstain from voting. If you have authorized either the proxies appointed by BASF SE or someone else to vote on your behalf, please ensure that you provide them with appropriate instructions or adjust your previous instructions accordingly.

Administration's position on the countermotions

We believe that the countermotions are without merit and recommend a vote against them.

Last Update April 16, 2015