The Chemicals segment consists of the Petrochemicals and Intermediates divisions. It supplies the other segments with basic chemicals and intermediates, contributing to the organic growth of our key value chains. Alongside internal transfers, our customers mainly come from the chemical and plastics industries. We aim to expand our competitiveness through technological leadership and operational excellence.



Broad portfolio of high-quality basic chemicals and specialties tailored to the needs of internal and external customers from industries such as chemicals and plastics



Comprehensive portfolio of intermediates and specialties, which are used as precursors for products such as coatings, plastics, textile fibers, pharmaceuticals and crop protection products


In Ludwigshafen, Germany, BASF has started up a replacement acetylene plant with an annual capacity of 90,000 metric tons. This further strengthens the long-term competitiveness of the site.

BASF has developed a proprietary, multi-stage chemical process. Compared with the old plant, the new plant uses around 10% less fossil feedstock (such as natural gas) for this process per metric ton of end product. In addition, the new plant also generates less by-product per metric ton of end product.


Factors influencing sales

EBIT before special items


Million € 2019 2018
Sales to third parties 9,532 11,694
Share of total BASF sales (%) 16 19

of which Petrochemicals

6,670 8,561


2,862 3,133
Income from operations before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) before special items 1,574 2,245
Income from operations before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) 1,545 2,234
EBITDA margin (%) 16 19
Income from operations (EBIT) before special items 791 1,587
EBIT before special items margin (%) 8 14
Income from operations (EBIT) 622 1,573
EBIT margin (%) 7 13
Return on capital employed (ROCE) (%) 6.8 17.7
Last Update June 19, 2020