Dispersions & Pigments

The Dispersions & Pigments division is the leading global supplier of raw materials used in formulations for a number of industries, including coatings, construction, adhesives, printing and packaging, electronics and paper. Our portfolio encompasses dispersions, pigments, resins and a broad range of additives, such as performance and formulation additives as well as electronic materials. We put a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly systems, such as low-VOC (volatile organic compound) water-based coatings.

Sales by region 2019 (location of customer)

Sales by direct customer industry 2019

Key capabilities of BASF

  • Leading technology and cost position enable consistent product quality, reliability and competitiveness
  • Comprehensive portfolio of raw materials for coatings, printing and packaging inks, adhesives and construction materials
  • Strong technical and application know-how, professional service, close to our customers
  • Global production footprint close to relevant markets
Last Update June 19, 2020