Performance Materials

The Performance Materials division brings together BASF’s entire materials know-how regarding innovative, customized plastics under one roof. Active in four major industry sectors – transportation, consumer goods, industrial applications and construction – the division has a strong portfolio of products and services combined with a deep understanding of application-oriented system solutions.

Sales by region 2019 (location of customer)


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Polyurethane solutions make life more comfortable, safer and more pleasant, while helping to save energy. They contribute towards improved insulation of buildings and more attractive, lightweight design of cars. Producers of shoes, cars and household goods as well as sports equipment use the unique advantages of polyurethanes provided with the knowledge and experience of BASF’s polyurethane experts worldwide. This product group includes PU systems, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes) and MPU (Cellasto®) technologies.


Engineering plastics

Engineering plastics are used in numerous applications, such as automotive engineering, the electrical and electronics sectors, household appliances and precision technology as well as in medical technology. This product group includes Ultraform® based on polyoxymethylene (POM), Ultradur® based on polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and Ultramid® based on polyamide (PA).


Specialty plastics

Specialty plastics include biodegradable co-polyesters, mainly used in various packaging applications and sold under the ecoflex® and ecovio® brands, as well as Ultrason®, a high-temperature plastic based on polyarylsulfone (PPSU, PSU, PESU).


Functional foams

Functional foams include Basotect®, a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin, as well as the particle foam Neopolen® P. Basotect® is used for sound and thermal insulation in the construction and transportation industries and as a cleaning sponge in the consumer industry.

Performance Materials approaches the market with a strong industry orientation, focusing on innovation to address important needs of key market segments. We work jointly with our customers and stakeholders in the industries to introduce innovative solutions by combining our comprehensive portfolio of products with application, engineering, simulation and manufacturing know-how. Customer intimacy and close collaboration are the basis for our solution-selling approach, which is a key driver for profitable growth.


  • TPU: No. 1 globally
  • MPU: No. 1 globally
  • Polyamide 6 and 6.6 compounds: No. 1 globally
  • PBT compounds: No. 1 globally

  • PU specialties: Covestro, Dow, Huntsman, Lubrizol
  • Polyamide 6 and 6.6 compounds: Lanxess, Dow, EMS

Our innovation focus is on developing new products and applications in key target industries to improve existing solutions and find new ones. Development is driven by local market needs and is coordinated globally to ensure leveraging of key capabilities across regions. Our innovation pipeline focuses on creating solutions for unmet market needs, particularly in developing markets with strong growth potential.

Key capabilities of BASF

  • Close collaboration with key customers in target industries worldwide
  • Innovation in products, applications, processes and business models
  • Technical, engineering and application competence
  • Operational excellence ensuring reliability and consistent quality
  • Focused specialty businesses

(from 2017 onward)

Product group Description Year
Polyurethanes Cellasto capacity expansion in Wyandotte, Michigan 2018
TPU capacity expansion in Lemförde, Germany 2019
MPU capacity expansion in Dahej, India 2019
Engineering plastics   Expansion of compounding capacity in Altamira, Mexico  2017
Expansion of compounding capacity in Schwarzheide, Germany 2017
Ultraform® (POM) 50-50 production JV with Kolon Plastics in Gimcheon, South Korea  2018
Acquisition of Solvay’s polyamide business 2020
Specialty plastics Expansion of Ultrason capacity in Yeosu, South Korea 2018

(from 2017 onward)

Product group Description Year
Engineering plastics Shutdown of Ultraform® (POM) production plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany  2018

(thousand metric tons per year)

Product group Capacity
Engineering plastics 750


Ultramid® Vision

This semi-crystalline polyamide offers very high light transmission with low light scattering compared to opaque standard polyamides. Its high UV and temperature resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance make Ultramid® Vision an important building block wherever visual control or light design play a role, for example, in backlit switches or buttons in cars. Ultramid® Vision can be repeatedly exposed to aggressive media such as sunscreen, cleaning agents and solvents without sustaining damage.

Last Update June 19, 2020