Activities that are not allocated to any of the segments are recorded under Other.

The following activities are presented under Other: 

  • Cross-divisional corporate research, which includes plant biotechnology research, works on long-term topics of strategic importance to the BASF Group. Furthermore, it focuses on the development of specific key technologies, which are of central importance for the divisions. 
  • The steering of the BASF Group by corporate headquarters 
  • Other businesses, which comprise commodity trading, engineering and other services, as well as rental income and leases. 
  • Results from currency translation that are not allocated to the segments; earnings from the hedging of raw materials prices and foreign currency exchange risks; and gains and losses from the long-term incentive (LTI) program. 
  • Miscellaneous income and expenses include expenses and income in connection with contaminated sites, project costs that are not allocated to the segments and, since the beginning of 2019, remanent fixed costs resulting from organizational changes or restructuring, function and region-related restructuring costs not allocated to a division, and idle capacity costs from internal human resource platforms. 

Discontinued operations and all remaining activities after divestitures not previously reported under Other have also been reported here since January 1, 2019. These remaining activities include, for example, equity-accounted participating interests assumed in the context of divestitures or supply obligations. The remaining activities for the leather and textile chemicals business, previously recorded in the Performance Products segment, and the remaining activities for the industrial coatings business, previously recorded in the Functional Materials & Solutions segment, were reclassified to Other. Discontinued operations include the business of the former Construction Chemicals division. 

Some of the investments accounted for using the equity method are not an integral part of the BASF Group. These include, in particular, the shares in Wintershall Dea GmbH, Kassel/Hamburg, Germany, and Solenis UK International Ltd., London, United Kingdom. To increase reporting transparency, these are classified as purely financial investments and reported separately from the shareholdings that are integral to the main business activities of the BASF Group. One material equity-accounted interest that has been classified as integral is BASF-YPC Company Ltd., Nanjing, China. Consequently, since January 1, 2020 with the prior-year figures restated, income from non-integral companies accounted for using the equity method are no longer presented in the BASF Group’s EBIT and EBIT before special items (under “Other”), but under net income from shareholdings. Due to its increased significance, this will be presented as a separate subtotal within income before income taxes and is no longer part of the financial result. Integral and non-integral investments accounted for using the equity method will also be shown separately in the balance sheet. The statement of income for 2019 has been restated accordingly.

Last Update June 19, 2020