Surface Technologies

The Surface Technologies segment comprises our businesses that offer chemical solutions for surfaces. Its portfolio includes coatings, catalysts and battery materials for the automotive and chemical industries. The aim is to drive organic growth by leveraging our portfolio of technologies and know-how, and to establish BASF as a leading and innovative provider of battery materials as well. For our construction chemicals business, we are considering the possibility of a merger with a strong partner, as well as the option of divesting this business. The Construction Chemicals division will be reported under the Surface Technologies segment until the signing of a transaction agreement.



Automotive and process catalysts, battery materials, precious metal trading and services


Coatings solutions, surface treatments, decorative paints

Construction Chemicals

Solutions for building structures and envelopes, interior construction and infrastructure

BASF develops advanced surface technologies. Innovative products and materials enable vehicles to be built more efficiently and with a lower environmental impact. Chemistry is set to play an even greater role in solving future mobility challenges by providing sustainable technologies. The picture shows a car paint, which was scanned and now can be applied digitally to various surfaces for easy visualization.

Last Update June 17, 2019