BASF’s Catalysts division is the global market leader in catalyst technologies. The division develops and produces mobile emissions catalysts as well as process catalysts and technologies. It also provides precious metals sourcing and management services. In addition, the division is the home of BASF’s battery materials business. BASF expands its leading role in catalyst technology through continuous process and product innovation.

Sales by region 2018 (location of customer)

Sales by direct customer industry 20181

1 Excluding precious metal trading

Emissions catalysts market – regulation remains primary demand driver

Key capabilities of BASF

  • Global R&D footprint covering catalysts and battery materials
  • Technology leadership in mobile emissions, process catalysts and battery materials
  • Recognized precious metals expertise
  • Strong and growing position in Asia through fully owned entities and joint ventures
  • Operational excellence in catalyst and battery materials production and use
Last Update June 17, 2019