eBusiness for you as partner

User-friendly tools are the key to the success of eBusiness.

BASF has established eBusiness processes along the entire supply chain four our suppliers and customers.


Webshop for orders and more

  • Product Information: WorldAccount offers an extensive and up-to-date source of product information, which is available 24/7.
  • Online Ordering: Our webshop provides an overview of the BASF portfolio that can be personalized for you. In addition, features like the order template allow easy and fast order entry.
  • Order Information: WorldAccount provides status information for each order placed at BASF and also gives an overview of historical orders and invoices.

Five reasons to use WorldAccount

  • WorldAccount opens many doors: Registering with WorldAccount gives you direct access to your supplier and allows you to benefit from first-class services. You will also be granted access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for BASF products.
  • WorldAccount saves time and money: Instead of communicating your order data via phone or fax, you simply enter it directly into WorldAccount at any time and it will automatically feed directly into our system for processing!
  • WorldAccount reduces IT expenses: Access to webshop is free and offers a range of information and useful services.
  • WorldAccount is secure: All transactions via WorldAccount are encrypted and access is controlled by a secure login process after registration.
  • WorldAccount transaction and more: In addition to transaction features, WorldAccount offers specific information and services following the philosophy of one stop shopping – free of charge!
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System to System connectivity

The most efficient way to exchange data between two Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) is a system integrated solution. BASF realizes this kind of connection with the service provider Elemica. This connection serves as an electronic hub for the chemical industry and focuses on processing orders and subsequent messages. By defining global standards, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, such as SAP on customers’ and sellers’ side, can be linked through Elemica via a shared “electronic language”. A single standardized and secure connection to Elemica can replace a large number of individual connections between companies. More than 2,500 customers and suppliers currently benefit from the solutions offered by Elemica.

If you are not connected to Elemica yet or if you use a different service provider but would like to exchange data with BASF through a system integrated solution, please contact your BASF representative. We will find a way to get the systems connected.

Elemica supports processes and services such as:

  • Order to cash
  • Processes of Automotive Industry
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Logistic processes
  • eInvoicing
  • ... and more

Five reasons to use Elemica

  • Elemica opens up many doors: The connection to Elemica is your access to your most important suppliers in the chemical industry.
  • Elemica saves time and money: Instead of communicating your order data via phone or fax, your partners’ Enterprise Resource Planning systems automatically exchange the required information.
  • Elemica reduces IT expenses: One connection to Elemica is simpler and more cost-effective for you than different connections to many companies.
  • Elemica – security aspect: All transactions via Elemica are encrypted and the content is hidden to Elemica and third parties. In addition, every connected partner must identify himself with an electronic signature.
  • Elemica – future oriented: The pure exchange of order and invoice data is only the start. We are already working on a global network of entire value added chains, which will reduce your overall process costs.