Creating Chemistry Magazine: Issue four 2014


High-tech solutions to combat hunger

Smartphones, intelligent machines and vertical farming in skyscrapers. How innovative concepts are changing the agriculture of the future.
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A chance to learn

Japanese singer Ai Kawashima is building 100 schools, giving children access to education.

Cultivating zucchini in outer space

Exploring new opportunities in agriculture doesn’t stop at planet Earth: New dimensions in vegetable gardening are unfolding in outer space.

Sowing the seeds of the Second Green Revolution

In an interview, Prabhu Pingali tallks about the opportunities in the fight against hunger.

Sharing knowledge and improving lives

In India, farmers are learning to cultivate their fields sustainably and increase their yields.
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Farmer's fields as nature conservation areas

Eleven farms in Europe are leading way in showing how modern farming can help protect ecosystems.

Grass-powered lawnmowers

The idea is as spectacular as it is obvious: The lawnmower EcoMow is fueled by grass. 

Compostable coffee capsules

Coffee at the touch of a button is convenient. However, coffee capsules leads to growing waste piles. This is where ecovio®, BASF’s biobased plastic, is set to provide relief.

Bright light headsets against winter blues

In the future, light headsets will offer a treatment for winter blues when the days get shorter and duller.

Airbags for cyclists

Hövding, an airbag for cyclists offers a new way of protection against head injuries.
Prof. Mohamed Amro Berguniversität Freiberg, Prof. Mohamed Amro Berguniversität Freiberg

Shale gas under discussion

Long-term security of energy supply or an incalculable risk? Two experts share their views on shale gas production.

Innovation Nation

An idea challenge launched by an Australian NGO encourages young people to think about solutions for future challenges.
Carles Navarro, President of BASF Canada, is joined by Chris Hadfield, former astronaut and first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, in Toronto for BASF’s 150th anniversary celebration.

Creating space for innovative ideas for the future

BASF combines 150th anniversary celebrations with reflections on the challenges of the future – together with employees and partners.

The nature of memory

Memories help determine who we are. To enable us to remember, many areas of the brain need to interact.  
Leuna - Werke bei Merseburg

Milestones in BASF’s history

Ever since BASF’s foundation in 1865, there have been important milestones: a look at innovations that shape the past, present and future of BASF.

Looking back into the future

The history of a company says something about its values: It influences the image of a company, its corporate culture as well as its day-to-day business.

Buildings as Powerhouses

Intelligent façades and coatings combined with innovative insulation materials – when buildings become power stations.
Estruturas cada vez menores exigem produtos químicos mais puros. Como a nanoeletrônica está mudando a nossa vida cotidiana.

Nanoelectronics - The miniaturizing principle

Increasingly small structures require the purest chemicals. How nanoelectronics is changing our everyday life.

Pioneering thinker – then and now: Methylene blue

In 1876, Heinrich Caro discovered the dye, methylene blue. Today, Claude Wischik wants to use it to combat Alzheimer’s.

How do tabs make dishes shine?

Chemistry around us: Ho do dishwashing tabs manage to get dirty dishes sparkling clear?
Creating Chemistry Issue four 2014

Creating Chemistry Issue four 2014