Food and Nutrition


A very special compound

Salt is much more than just a condiment. And food is not the only thing that needs a pinch of salt: It is also found in soap, glass and plastic containers.


The chemistry of apples

Apples have rightly gained a reputation as healthy food because a “fruit pharmacy” is lurking in and just below the peel.


How will we feed ourselves in the future?

Global food production needs to rise to provide a nutritious diet for everyone. Ideas from around the world could change the way we eat.


The chemistry of cooking

Writer Harold McGee on popular food myths and the science behind them.


High-tech solutions to combat hunger

Smartphones, intelligent machines and vertical farming in skyscrapers. How innovative concepts are changing the agriculture of the future.


Sowing the seeds of the Second Green Revolution

In an interview, Prabhu Pingali tallks about the opportunities in the fight against hunger.


Solar-powered tent keeps food fresh

A tent-like structure for food helps smallholder farmers in hot, dry regions to reduce spoilage of their harvests.

Two teenagers are standing in a river

Shining a light on hidden diseases

Neglected tropical diseases were long off the radar of the wider world. But, thanks to international efforts, this is gradually changing.


Cultivating zucchini in outer space

Exploring new opportunities in agriculture doesn’t stop at planet Earth: New dimensions in vegetable gardening are unfolding in outer space.


Sharing knowledge and improving lives

In India, farmers are learning to cultivate their fields sustainably and increase their yields.


Farmer's fields as nature conservation areas

Eleven farms in Europe are leading way in showing how modern farming can help protect ecosystems.

Former U. S. president Carter is watching a medical treatment of a young girl

Decades of dedication to fighting disease

The former U.S. President Jimmy Carter about the fight against neglected tropical diseases.

Composite of Carl Bosch and Prof. Erl

Pioneering thinker – then and now: Ammonia synthesis

In 1913, Carl Bosch discovered how to produce ammonia on an industrial scale. Gerhard Ertl has researched the mechanism behind it.

Behind adult's hand hiding child

Rooting out the kissing bug

How BASF is helping to control the insect that spreads Chagas disease.

Two men in a rape field

Sustainability measurement

BASF has developed a method for holistically assessing sustainability in agriculture.

White packages in a fridge

Boxing clever

Not just an empty box: Innovations ensure that food packaging is affordable, sustainable and safe.  

Cheese counter

Well packaged

Today, packaging must do a lot. Nicolas Eilken, 3D Design Director explains the many roles it fulfills.