Issue #10

Creating Chemistry Magazine 2021

Issue #10

Dear readers,

The coronavirus pandemic has governed our lives in recent months and forced us, all over the world, to face up to previously unknown questions. At the same time, we cannot and must not neglect fundamental challenges such as climate protection.

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Energy transition at BASF

We look at selected BASF sites to see what a lower-emission energy future could look like.

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Clean energy powers progress

Rachel Kyte, Dean of The Fletcher School, USA, talks about closing the energy gap in developing countries.

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BASF-Die Welt als Energieerzeuger-teaser.png

The world as an energy producer

Our infographic takes a look around the globe and offers some surprising facts about electricity and energy.

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BASF-digitale Schub-teaser.png

The digital boost

Coronavirus has changed the world of work. Companies and employees are using the transformative power of digital with good ideas and lots of enthusiasm.

BASF-Aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln-teaser.png

From different perspectives

We need to reduce waste and keep the world’s precious resources in circulation for longer – five different views on how we can achieve this.

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Everything under the sun

Why do we need to protect our skin and other surfaces from the sun’s rays, and how does chemistry help?

Elephant half wet in sunset light in Africa

Natural protection

Do you know the methods animals have developed to protect themselves from the sun?

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Support on the ground

A BASF project in Egypt brings the benefits of modern information technologies to smallholder farmers.

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Products and solutions based on chemistry enrich our lives every day. They help to conserve resources, to produce healthy food and to improve people’s quality of life.

But chemistry’s contribution is often not easy to see at first glance. With BASF's Creating Chemistry magazine, we aim to show how chemistry helps to meet global challenges.

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