Issue #7

Creating Chemistry Magazine 2018

Issue #7

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The global race to reach one quintillion – that’s a one with 18 zeros – computing operations per second is in full swing. Ever faster and more powerful supercomputers are bringing together and analyzing the volumes of data that we generate in the modern world. They ...

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Human and machine

Artificial intelligence – what does it mean? And what does its emergence mean for humans? Four theses on the new relationship between humans and algorithms.

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What is artificial intelligence?

What examples and advances have there been, and what developments are emerging for the future?

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AI will support people, not replace them

Interview with Professor Barbara Grosz. A leading thinker in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) since the 1970s.



BASF supercomputer QURIOSITY

How the most powerful supercomputer in the chemical industry is driving digitalization.

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The wrong kind of fear

Why people find it hard to assess risks correctly.

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Silence in the city

What it feels like to visit a space of deepest silence at the heart of New York.

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Fresh produce and a fresh start

Portrait of Angel Adelaja, whose stackable container farms provide fresh produce.

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The challenge of palm oil

Demand for palm oil has grown fast – but the costs for rain forests, animals and local people are high. As the industry works to improve sustainability, we ask what progress has been made.

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The view from West Kalimantan

Smallholder farmers produce 40 percent of the palm oil we consume. They tell us their views.



Where is palm oil found?

Which products contain palm oil, and which do not? From candles to fuel, you can test your knowledge online and find out more about palm oil.ten.

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Why is palm oil so important?

Since the 1970s, the demand for palm oil has increased greatly. Find out why it can hardly be replaced with other vegetable oils.

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Does diesel have a future?

Once considered a wonder fuel, diesel's merits are now disputed. Two industry experts as well as BASF's Frank Mönkeberg share their perspective on the future of diesel.

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