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Corpus is the new BASF magazine devoted to architecture, infrastructure and high-performance construction materials. As of now we will be supplying you with exciting and inspirational stories from the world of construction. Have a look and discover how we will live and build tomorrow.


To be an architect is an enormous privilege

The renowned Pritzker Prize was again awarded in Chicago at the beginning of March. This year the highest international award for architecture went to the two Irish women Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara from Grafton Architects. Our picture gallery provides an insight into their work.

Teeing off in Dubai – Golf Course Upgraded with Elastopave®

The tees, fairways, greens and even the bunkers so unpopular with players are of course the most important features of a golf course. However, in addition to this game-related infrastructure, users and visitors appreciate good access throughout the course. For this very reason, the Jebel Ali Golf Resort in Dubai is now using a pathway system surfaced with Elastopave®.

On Track for Success – Sports surfaces for sustainable fitness

Sport is a key aspect of modern life. It provides a valuable counterbalance to everyday living, fosters team bonding and is proven to enhance health and fitness. Whether you are a professional athlete or recreational sports practitioner, the right surface is crucial for a safe sporting experience.

Ideas and Solutions

Wrapped up in the icy expanses
– how the right insulation makes a polar station habitable

Thermal insulation is usually all about comfort and energy efficiency. In some places, however, it is also vital for survival – as on King George Island in the Antarctic where the temperature stays below zero even on “mild” days. This is why the BASF Elastopir® insulation material was chosen for the construction of a new research station. 

Ideas and Solutions

Step by step – SLENTEX in use

The innovative, aerogel-based insulating mat SLENTEX® scores with numerous advantages: Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it enables extremely thin thermal insulation composite systems, is open to diffusion and non-combustible. The flexible high-performance insulation is also suitable for demanding architectural conditions. 

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Dossier special SLENTITE®

Thermal insulation has an important role to play to conserve resources. Efficient insulation reduces energy costs and has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. As a heavy-duty panel SLENTITE® combines low thermal conductivity with an open-pored structure – an insulating material to be used in new buildings as well as in modernized ones.

Research and innovation are what really drive our company. We create chemistry for a sustainable future. SLENTITE® is a perfect example of how sustainability and innovation come together. With this new generation of thermal insulation materials, we can really bring some unique value to the market.

Dr. Volker Schaedler
Vice President, PU Research, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

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