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CORPUS, BASF’s magazine devoted to architecture, infrastructure and high-performance construction materials has moved from app to web. As of now we will be supplying you with exciting and inspirational stories from the world of construction. Have a look and discover how we will live and build tomorrow.

Ideas and Solutions

A Model for Tomorrow – BASF Constructs Sustainable “Building of the Future”

In addition to comfort and cost-effectiveness, sustainability is an essential feature when it comes to building future-proof houses. BASF is showing how this can be done and that new high-performance materials can make an important contribution in this area by developing a model house jointly with Chinese partners, which is now being presented at Chinaplas in Guangzhou.

Ideas and Solutions

Moving Forward –
Sustainable Construction with BEYOND.High Performance®

Efficiency and sustainability are key concepts when it comes to the future of building construction. But why the future? It’s high time for the housing industry as a whole to agree on a holistic approach. Why and how this can work are explained by BASF expert Mary Poma, Business Management Construction, Wyandotte, USA.


Floating Cities - Utopia or Future?

The expected rise in sea levels is one of the most feared effects of climate change, along with the accumulation of extreme weather events. The warming of the earth by half a degree caused the oceans to rise by 20 centimetres during the last century. This may not seem much when you look at your own front door - but for coastal inhabitants and island states the search for solutions is becoming more urgent. Floating cities could be one of them.


Change here for a new traffic concept 

- how innovative materials encourage the transition from car to bicycle

Modern local transport concepts want to combine environmental compatibility and comfort - because it is clear: Only what is comfortable is used. For example, the citizens of Erftstadt are to switch from cars to bicycles for short distances. In addition to well thought-out routing, special attention will be paid to the surface of the new two-wheel paths. This is where Elastopave makes the difference. 

Ideas and Solutions

Wrapped up in the icy expanses
– how the right insulation makes a polar station habitable

Thermal insulation is usually all about comfort and energy efficiency. In some places, however, it is also vital for survival – as on King George Island in the Antarctic where the temperature stays below zero even on “mild” days. This is why the BASF Elastopir® insulation material was chosen for the construction of a new research station. 

Lean solution – Renovation of old buildings without compromises

The demands placed on modern interior insulation are many and varied. It must reduce energy consumption, fit seamlessly into the architecture and also create a pleasant indoor climate. The new high-performance insulating material SLENTITE® meets all these requirements and has now proven this under challenging conditions - when used in a listed Hamburg brick villa. 


Greener Buildings for Everyone

Across the world, evidence is growing that green buildings bring multiple benefits. On occasion of the World Green Building Week CORPUS spoke with James Drinkwater, Director of the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network.

Ideas and Solutions

High-performance newcomer

Flexible, non-combustible, breathable and at the same time highly efficient - SLENTEX® belongs to a completely new generation of high-performance insulating materials. Expert and project manager Dr. Wibke Lölsberg will tell us first-hand where the material can best play to its strengths and what makes it special.

Dossier special SLENTITE®

Thermal insulation has an important role to play to conserve resources. Efficient insulation reduces energy costs and has a positive impact on the carbon footprint. As a heavy-duty panel SLENTITE® combines low thermal conductivity with an open-pored structure – an insulating material to be used in new buildings as well as in modernized ones.

Research and innovation are what really drive our company. We create chemistry for a sustainable future. SLENTITE® is a perfect example of how sustainability and innovation come together. With this new generation of thermal insulation materials, we can really bring some unique value to the market.

Dr. Volker Schaedler
Vice President, PU Research, BASF Polyurethanes GmbH

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