Plastics & Rubber

New Anti-Scorch Package for Polyol & PU Foams: Irgastab® PUR 70

Photo: Courtesy of Faurecia Seating

From furniture and bedding to automotive and sport application, quality requirements are becoming more rigorous for foams used across different industries.

With Irgastab® PUR 70 BASF offers an innovative solution for the constantly evolving and more and more challenging industry requirements.

In the eyes of various industries, white foams are perceived as high quality foams. In order to maintain whiteness, scorching must be avoided during foaming and discoloration upon light exposure or gas fading must be avoided during storage, before foams are converted into final articles. Amine-free anti-scorch packages combine all these aspects.

Furthermore, even considering low scorch reactions, anti-scorch packages provide protection against degradation at extremely low dosing levels. Anti-scorch packages are beneficial for all flexible foams.

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