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Biodegradable mulch films – ecovio® M

In modern-day agriculture mulch films accelerate the growth of plants, retain water, prevent weeds and increase crop yields. Yet after the harvest, the collection of conventional PE mulch films is very labour intensive and has to be done with great care. Leftover PE mulch films deteriorate soil quality over time and hinder the growth of crops.

Certified biodegradable mulch films made from BASFs innovative and biobased premium-polymer ecovio® present a crucial advantage. After the harvest they can simply be plowed into the soil, where they biodegrade, saving time and money. Thus, ecovio® M supports a sustainable agriculture in a world of growing food demands by conserving soils and increasing crop yields.

In 2002 BASF started the Farm Network. The goal of this partnership is to find sustainable agricultural solutions via the exchange between farmers and experts. The new ecovio® mulch films were tested since 2012 in cooperation with the family Tiozzo from Italy. For four generations they have been farming their lands near Rome. Several years ago, the family had already tested biodegradable mulch films from other producers. But time and time again, they encountered the problem that after plowing the films into the ground, they did not fully biodegrade. Combining the experience and the knowledge of the long-established family of farmers and the expertise of the chemical company, BASF was able to further improve the ecovio® mulch films.