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How the biopolymer ecovio® contributes to closing the nutrient cycle towards a Circular Economy

In the face of climate change and a growing human population the concept of a Circular Economy is becoming more and more important for the food and nutrient cycle. With the certified compostable plastic ecovio®, BASF has developed a material portfolio for a variety of applications which can be used throughout the entire food cycle. The advantages of ecovio® for the production, packaging and transport as well as waste collection of food are based on the material’s certified biodegradability in industrial and home composting as well as in soil: food waste is reduced, nutrients are returned to the soil by means of greater volumes of compost generated and the accumulation of plastics in soil is avoided.


ecovio® can support Circular Economy in many applications:

-       Organic waste bags

-       Dual-use bags (first for shopping, then for organic waste)

-       Fruit and vegetable bags

-       Paper coating

-       Thermoformed packaging

-       Coffee capsules and related packaging

-       Mulch films for agriculture


Find out more on ecovio® as sustainable contribution to Circular Economy at our booth at the K 2019.