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FreeFlex™ and Haptex® – two materials that convinced even fashion labels

At K-Fair, BASF will also present its portfolio of fibers.
Freeflex™ for example is a 100% solvent free TPU fiber that is spun from Elastollan® (TPU).
From rigid fibers to soft and elastic material – each material meeting different needs for various applications: from comfort stretch anti-run hosiery and lingerie to high abrasion resistant elastic shoe uppers.

With its color fastness, possible due to the low thermal set temperature (160°C), the elastic fiber enables soft touch as well as design freedom for textiles. The rigid fibers can bond with other fibers on the footwear upper, providing dimensional stability and stretch at the same time.

Combining different properties of Freeflex™, one can create sustainable and easy for recycling one material apparel or footwear!

The two materials Haptex® and Freeflex™ have convinced the fashion label Seven Crash (USA) and inspired a collaboration with BASF. The resulting collection "Quantus" stands for the combination of fashionable design and high functionality and was shown this year at the New York Fashion Week. At the K2019, we will present two outfits of this fancy collection.


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