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Infinergy® @ K2019

Infinite applications with our E-TPU
Infinergy® – Go beyond!


Infinite possibilities: Infinergy® is the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU) and convinces with its characteristic properties.

The closed-cell, elastic particle foam combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams, making it as elastic as rubber but lighter. Infinergy® merges with a rebound of over 55% a strikingly high resilience that is significantly higher than comparable particle foams, with the TPU inherent elongation at break, tensile strength as well as abrasion and chemical resistance. In addition, this innovative particle foam keeps its elasticity and softness over a wide temperature range and doesn’t lose its excellent resilience even under a continuous load.

Infinergy® can be used anywhere a combination of low weight, excellent mechanical properties and good long-term durability is required. First introduced as the sole material for the adidas Energy Boost shoe at the K-fair in October 2013, have the application fields of Infinergy® since expanded and cover nowadays industries surrounding sports and work life alike.

At K-fair 2019 we will present a mix of applications with Infinergy®, including sport and safety shoes as well as a new generation of sports equipment in form of tennis rackets, bicycle saddles and sports flooring. You think that there’s still more potential in Infinergy®? Participate in our idea competition, let us know your ideas and win an Infinergy®-prize!

Infinite comfort, infinite fitness, infinite advantages and infinite functions – experience Infinergy® yourself and visit us at the K-fair 2019!