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PPAssion for perfection

With more than 50 polyphthalamide-based compounds BASF complements its polyamide product range to broaden its offering to the market


At the K Fair 2019, BASF will present its complete PPA portfolio for the first time. It comprises more than 50 compounds based on four PPA polymers. These are:

-       Ultramid® Advanced N (PA9T)

-       Ultramid® Advanced T1000 (PA6T/6I)

-       Ultramid® Advanced T2000 (PA6T/66)

-       Ultramid® T KR (PA6T/6)

Thus, the next generation of lightweight and high-performance parts can be developed for a lot of industries from automotive and  E&E to mechanical engineering and consumer goods. These new parts are triggered by trends such as further miniaturization of parts and systems, e-mobility and accelerated electronics, increased contact with chemicals and sophisticated flame-retardant systems.

The PPA portfolio is globally available and supplemented by BASF's exceptional simulation tool Ultrasim® and its profound application experience. It includes grades for injection molding and extrusion for easy and stable processing, grades with or without flame-retardants, from uncolored to laser-markable black, with short-glass, long-glass and carbon fiber reinforcement as well as with different heat stabilizers. Due to their partially aromatic chemical structure all Ultramid® Advanced types offer good to excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures. Their hydrophobic nature allows them to withstand humidity and contact with challenging media and at the same time to maintain their strength. The low water uptake results in a high dimensional stability of the plastic parts in humid environments.

Find out more on the Ultramid® Advanced portfolio at and at our booth at the K 2019.