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Tinuvin® 1600

Tinuvin® 1600 protects thin-layer exterior applications like the sun screen protects the skin

New industry benchmark in ultra-high durability

The versatile polymeric properties of polycarbonate give architects and builders the design freedom, improved durability and insulation compared to tempered glass. Typical applications for polycarbonate include are facade and skylight. They must resist though climate conditions including prolonged exposure to UV light, low and elevated temperatures, rain, hail impact and storm. When sunlight hits the polycarbonate sheet, the material absorbs the energy of certain wavelengths in the UV range namely UVb and UVa. Photo-oxidation occurs over time and makes the polycarbonate more fragile and susceptible to surface erosion.


BASF’s Tinuvin® 1600 is a high performance ultraviolet light absorber of the hydroxyphenyl triazine class exhibiting very low volatility and very high extinction coefficient. It is the best in class solution for the most demanding polycarbonate thin-section applications in terms of exposure to UV light and heat providing extended lifetime and very low surface roughness after prolonged exposure to harsh climate conditions. It reduces maintenance, enhances waste management and replaces of other materials like tempered glass.


Visit the BASF Plastic Additives’ global experts @K2019 in hall 5 stand C21/D21 to learn more about this innovative solution. You will also see an actual application on the stand.

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