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Tinuvin® NOR® 356 

Novel Tinuvin® NOR® light and heat stabilizer for agricultural plastics

Helps certified organic farmer to produce in a sustainable way

By using the energy from the sun in a world with less arable land and increasing water scarcity, Plasticulture contributes significantly to producing more and better food all year to meet the growing population needs. Prominent examples of Plasticulture’s high efficiency to use natural resources in a sustainable manner include: greenhouse covers which keep uniform temperature and humidity for continued food production; mulch films and irrigation pipes which reduce water consumption; and silage films which store livestock food in a cost-effective way.


The development of BASF’s next generation Tinuvin® NOR® is the result of BASF’s extensive competency in light and thermal stabilization combined with its deep knowledge of agricultural market requirements. Tinuvin® NOR® 356 helps certified organic farmers produce in a sustainable way by increasing productivity, improving crop quality and reducing plastic waste for them, which can lead to higher earnings. This solution protects and extends the lifetime of agricultural films that are exposed to very high levels of UV radiation, heat and crop treatments such as elemental sulfur, and the compounds approved in certified organic farming to prevent plants diseases and fertilize the soil.


Visit the BASF Plastic Additives’ global experts @K2019 in hall 5 stand C21/D21 to learn more about this innovative solution.


Also taking place at the BASF stand:


October 17, Thursday, 1:00pm

Live discussion with Lola Gómez, Managing Director, Clisol

Specialist in organic farming in Almeria, Lola Gómez will share with the audience how her industry benefits from plasticulture and how BASF has collaborated with her to further sustainable farming.


October 17, Thursday 2:00 pm

Technical discussion with BASF Plastic Additives experts Montse Guillamon and Manuele Vitali in Agricultural solutions on the contribution of Tinuvin NOR platform to sustainable farming


October 18, Friday 12:30 pm

Technical discussion with Piotr Puzio from CropDesign on the use of plants as a sensor to asses impact of additives used in plastic greenhouses


October 18, Friday 2:00 pm

Technical discussion with BASF Global Product Stewardship experts Vijay Narayanan Swaminathan and Tanja Ebrecht to review the new Tinvuin NOR® platform registration status and regulatory profile.

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