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Ultramid® Flex F38

Ultramid® Flex F38 is a bio-based copolyamide and represents BASF’s contribution to a potential sustainable packaging strategy. About one-third of the raw materials for the monomer come from locally grown rapeseed oil. Ultramid® Flex F38 impresses with both its performance and its processing properties.

Manufacturers of shrink films and vacuum packaging for food applications can benefit from Ultramid® Flex F38’s outstanding mechanical properties across a wide temperature range. In addition, Ultramid® Flex F38 promises high stretch and tear resistance – even at low temperatures.  

15 times more permeable to CO2 and O2 than conventional polyamide 6, this Ultramid has significantly modified barrier properties. This can be an advantage for food applications that involve a release of gases, such as in cheese ripening bags.

Ultramid® Flex F38 is characterized by outstanding bubble stability and a high blow-up ratio in blown film extrusion. The product impresses with its excellent processing stability, even in cast applications. Together, the processing properties of Ultramid® Flex F38 help to optimize the entire film structure in multilayer films.

Films made from Ultramid® Flex F38 are soft immediately after processing, without conditioning. This offers huge advantages for the subsequent further processing of the film roll.

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