Plastics & Rubber


Ultrason for household and catering applications – stylish, durable and safe

Plastics play a part in every phase of food production and preparation. The polyarylsulfone Ultrason® offers a safe option for kitchen and catering articles where aesthetics, functionality and food safety are equally important. On the one hand, its transparent color and good processability allow freedom of design. Once in use, Ultrason® products stay in shape and do not absorb odors and food stains. On the other hand, processing Ultrason® creates a reusable and recyclable product that is able to withstand over 1,000 cycles of steam sterilization/cleaning. The material is approved for direct food contact and can be used as a substitute for glass, metal, ceramics and porcelain.

Possible applications for:

-       Cooking utensils

-       Fridges

-       Ovens

-       Air fryers

-       Food processors

-       Microwavable containers

-       Coffee machines

-       Water kettles

-       Juicers


Find out more on Ultrason® for household and catering at our booth at the K 2019.