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Concept-Campervan VisionVenture on K-fair

First showcase-project of new BASF Creation Center Ludwigshafen


The Concept-Campervan VisionVenture is a joint project of BASF and Hymer and the first showcase project of the Creation Center in Ludwigshafen. The VisionVenture will be presented by both companies at K-fair 2019.

With the help of more than 20 innovative BASF materials and the development expertise of the BASF Creation Center, a new vehicle class has been created that sets standards in terms of lightweight construction, self-sufficiency, travel experience and design.

Look forward to a world novelty and see for yourself what the future of caravaning will bring.

Conditions of participation and data protection_Hymer prize draw_10Oct2019.pdf

Prize draw!

You can download the Conditions of participation and data protection here.