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AR & VR Technology

Augmented Reality und Virtual Reality

Thanks to AR and VR you can not only discover our exhibits tangible on K fair, but also virtual.

On the K you can see how Augmented Reality (AR), also known as Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality (VR) take the simulation and analysis of materials to a new level. With the help of the AR glasses “Microsoft HoloLens", virtual objects can be integrated into the real space and thus treated like real objects. In addition, foam simulations can be displayed on the objects, for example, to show the customer possible problems in the design and manufacture of the component even before the tool is built. The big advantage of AR: AR glasses can even be used in face-to-face meetings. The virtual object can be displayed in 3D for all meeting participants and a dialog is possible at the same time.

Although with the help of VR, components can be analyzed precisely from the very beginning. The lightweight and comfortable VR glasses “HP Reverb" enable detailed, high-resolution 3D images of materials and components, which are ideal for component analysis. You can interact with the objects as you like: Whether turning, twisting, enlarging, shrinking, zooming in or rather looking further away - all this is possible. The short-term switch from the monitor to the virtual world is also an advantage of VR. In addition, VR enables remote collaboration, which means that several people can work in the same virtual room - regardless of location.

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