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Flooring structures for sports fields and playgrounds 

Used on track surfaces and children playgrounds, BASF’s polyurethane-based flooring structure provides high rebound and excellent impact absorption, helping athletes achieve their best performance while lowering risks of exercise-related injuries for children.


Versatile and high resilience

  • Easily applied with adjustment of thickness of structure
  • Applicable in both permeable and impermeable structures
  • Customizable colours
  • Low project and maintenance cost due to fast
  • Infinergy® achieves good rebound and force reduction

Strong and durable

  • Resistant to diverse weather conditions, oil and water
  • Excellent bonding stren

Low environment impact

  • Fully based on Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)

Made with Innovative Materials

As a market and technology leader for polyurethane (PU) solutions, our Elastan® and Elastocoat® series of PU coatings and adhesives, along with a special grade of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), Infinergy®  SP, are applied to a variety of permeable and non-permeable surfaces for athletics stadiums to school fields and playgrounds.

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