Our Asphalt Modifiers

BASF is a worldwide leader in the supply of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and acrylic latex polymers for bitumen. 

Our high-performance Butonal® asphalt modifiers set the industry standard and help customers to meet and indeed exceed national specifications. The latest Acronal® technology is now recognized as the leading polymer modification solution for fog seals and reduced tracking bond coats. Acronal® polymers improve the durability of fog seals and reduce wheel tracking in tack coat applications. 

By providing consistent, high-quality products, customers can easily meet their binder and mix performance requirements.

We will develop further additives to improve asphalt performance:  

  • Wetting agents for a good connection between the bitumen phase and the stones in the asphalt
  • Rheology and elasticity modifiers that improve the stability and elasticity of asphalt to keep the road surface sufficiently flexible in freezing winter temperatures and stop tracks from forming on the surface on hot summer days
  • Rejuvenators and binding agents that improve the bitumen properties of the recycled asphalt

We are looking forward to the advances we can offer you in the next few years.